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We will post on this page the Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association Newsletter, or excerpts from its pages.

Regrettably, the Webmaster cannot post the newsletter as it is printed.  It would be great if our Internet viewers can see the newsletter as it appears in hard print.  The masthead, images, formatting, and finishing touches are attractive, and we congratulate Laurie Kelekoma for serving as editor since July 2007.

Below is the text of the January 2011 HNA Newsletter, which will be distributed house-to-house in Hanama`ulu by Saturday, January 29, 2011.  With this posting on this the 22nd of January, you have a preview.

Neighborhood Association
January 2011

Happy New Year

from the 

Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association

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Association Elects New Officers For 2011

Association elects new officers for 2011.  We would like to introduce the newly elected officers: 

President Neil Rapozo

Vice President Eddie Sarita

Secretary Dale Matsuura

Treasurer Laurie Kelekoma

Sgt.-at-arms Florentino “Tono” Duterte

All of the new officers are Hanamā'ulu residents and have been long-time members of the association.

The Officers encourages all current residents (and former residents) of Hanama`ulu to join the association by completing the registration form attached.  As we begin a new year we would also like to ask current members to also submit a registration form as we would like to update our database to ensure that we will be able to keep everyone informed of our activities and events.

Please mail your completed form to:

Hanamaulu Neighborhood Association

Attention:  Membership

P.O. Box 206

Hanamaulu, HI  96715

Or simply bring it to our next meeting. We would love to see you there!  (See schedule)

Association Monthly Meeting Schedule  for 2011

Meetings are held every third Thursday of the Month at King Kaumualii Elementary School Cafeteria at 7: 00 pm.  January 20 (CANCELLED), February 17, March 17, April 21, May 19, June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15, October 20, November 17.

2011 PARK FAIRS SCHEDULE SET                                  


Park Fairs Committee announces the 2011 Park Craft Fair Schedule.   Fairs will be held the following Saturdays: February 26, May 28, August 20, November 19.

Fairs will all be held at Rayno Park in Hanamā'ulu and are open to the public from 8 am to 1 pm.  Booths are available for $20 each and are 20 ft. x 20 ft. in size.  Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tents and tables.   Vendors are allowed access to the Park at 7:00 am to set up their booths.    Spaces are limited, so reserve your booth early.  If you have items such as tools, clothes, equipment, crafts and especially fresh produce and are interested in participating in our fairs, please contact Eddie Sarita at 346-0090.    


Cleanup & Maintenance Continues

Of The Filipino & Japanese Cemeteries

Another cleanup of the old Filipino & Japanese cemeteries located at the bottom of Kalepa Hill near the Kalepa Village will be scheduled soon according to Peter Rayno, Chairman of the Cemetery Committee.  The Hanamā'ulu Neighborhood Association has been doing cleanups of the cemeteries since 2003 and have improved the landscaping of the cemeteries with these efforts.  “We need more volunteers to help with the cleanups and we hope that Hanamā'ulu residents will step up to help friends or relatives buried in the cemeteries especially asking residents who may have to come out a lend a hand” said Rayno.  In past years, we were fortunate to have had help from Stan Morinaka of Veterans Express in Līhu‘e and his employees to come with their backhoes and trucks to haul the rubbish to the dump.  With the help of Mike Tresler and Grove Farm Co. the association built a shed near the gate of the Filipino cemetery for protection from the sun and rain.  Grass has also been planted to help hold the soil in place and prevent runoff.  The cemeteries today are in far better condition than in 2003. The cemeteries are owned by the county but regular maintenance was not done thus allowing Guinea Grass and bushes to cover the cemeteries and making them difficult for people to visit the graves of loved ones.   Anyone interested in helping should call Eddie Sarita at 346-0090.

Monthly Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup

Members of the Hanamā'ulu Neighborhood  Association and others under the leadership of Laraine Moriguchi, Owner of SignArt in  Kapaia, have been doing cleanups from the Wilcox Hospital through Hanamā'ulu until the baseyard for Robert’s Tours north of  Hanamā'ulu Town.  The cleanups have been  done on every third Saturday of the month (following association meetings which are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month).  The highway cleanups are finished quickly according to Laraine due to the number of people who participate.

We would like to thank the following volunteers who assist us in this project every month:  Ben Alayvilla, Clayton Cataluna, Tono Duterte, Roy Goo, Pauline Ibia, Herbert Kakutani, Catherine Mata, Larry Matsuwaki, Eddie Sarita,Vic Villon, George Freitas, Elizabeth Freitas.

And many other who participate on a monthly basis we sincerely thank you for your much needed assistance.

Anyone wishing to help can call Laraine Moriguchi at SignArt at 246-8612 or you can met us at Hanamaulu Café Parking Lot at 8am every Third Saturday. 

Association Christmas Party

More than 100 Hanamā'ulu Neighborhood Association members and their families and friends enjoyed their annual Christmas Party held on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010, at King  Kaumuali‘i School Cafeteria in Hanamā'ulu.  

The potluck dinner featured many different and delicious kinds of foods and desserts.  Afterwards singing of Christmas Carols, dancing by the seniors of Līhu‘e Senior Center, grab bag and bingo capped the evening festivities.  Everyone really enjoyed the party and Pastor Rocky Sasaki declared the event “the best Christmas Party that the association has sponsored yet.”  The party committee was chaired by Eli Ward and Dale Matsuura with lots of help from Dely and Pastor Rocky Sasaki and others.       

Hanamā'ulu Neighborhood Association

To Apply For Non-Profit Status

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With legal help from Attorney Jonathan Chun of the law firm Belles Graham Proudfoot Wilson  & Chun LLP, the Hanamā'ulu Neighborhood Association will soon be applying for non-profit status with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.  Application to achieve the designation is very difficult and could cost thousands of dollars according to Eddie Sarita, Vice President of the association.  The non-profit status will help the association not only to apply for grants from state and county governments and other charities to help with planning and construction of a new community center for Hanamā'ulu, a long-term project  for the association.  Attorney Chun is doing all of the legal work Pro Bono (complimentary).  “We are deeply appreciative and indebted to Mr. Chun” said Sarita, “he is helping us to realize a dream to get this special project started and to raise the money to do it.”   

Hanama`ulu Hillsiders Senior Softball Team

Fix Rayno Park Infield

                                                                                                                                                             Members of the Hanama`ulu Hillsiders Senior SoftBall Team led by Peter Rayno have been working hard fixing up the infield of Rayno Park to make it ready for the new senior softball season which will start soon.  Members are working on the basepaths and the infield grass areas.  The improvements will make the infield not only better to play on but also safer for the players according to Rayno.

Hanamā'ulu Beach Park Cleanup Planned


Another cleanup of the Hanamā'ulu Beach Park is being planned according to Eddie Sarita who is working with County of Kaua‘i’s Dept. of Parks & Recreation on plans for the cleanup of the park.  The last cleanup was done in March 2008 nearly 3 years ago which saw the removal of derelict cars, painting of the picnic tables, and the new pavilion as well as landscape cleanup and pressure-washing of the concrete walkways and floors of pavilions.  Announcement of the cleanup date will be made in the news media as soon as plans are complete according to Sarita.  

If you can help, please call Eddie Sarita at 346-0090.                                                                         

Ducks at play at Hanama`ulu Beach Park
March 29, 2008 | Karl Lo Photo

Membership Registration Form

Name:  ____________________________________________________________________________________

Street Address:  _____________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:  ____________________________________________________________________________

City:  _____________________________________  State: _____________  Zip:  _________________________

Telephone:  _______________________________________  Cell:  ________________________________


Yes, keep me posted on how I can help with community events:

           Cemetery Clean Up Highway Adoption Project Attend Monthly Meetings

           Graffiti Removal Holiday Residential Decorating Contest Fundraising Efforts

Other:  ____________________________________________________________________________

Mail to:  Hanamā’ulu Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 206, Hanamaulu, HI  96715  HYPERLINK "mailto:hanamauluneighborhoodassociation@yahoo.com" hanamauluneighborhoodassociation@yahoo.com


Graphic of newspapers; Size=130 pixels wide

The July 2007 issue of the newsletter included, among other articles, MESSAGE FROM KING KAUMUALI`I ELEMENTARY SCHOOL by Karen Liu, Principal; two pages on the Hanama`ulu Community Center, which can be downloaded from the  Community Center page of the Web site; the HNA Membership Registration Form; and the flyer on the August 18, 2007, event at Peter Rayno Park.

HNA is always looking for new ideas and topics for the community newsletter. If you have ideas or would be interested in writing an article, please contact Laurie at lauriek808@yahoo.com.

Newsletter Hard Copies on File
July 2007 (Vol. 1, Issue 1):  7 pages, printed on one side only, stapled:  Officers; Message from Karen Liu, King K School principal; "Community Center Planned"; HCC Questionnaire;"A Summer Evening Community Celebration"; "CERT: Community Emergency Response Team"; Community Volunteers; Cemetery Cleanup; Membership Form
Nov. 2007:  7 pages, printed on one side only, stapled:  Grove Farm and Hanama`ulu; "Community Center Planned"; Announcements; HCC Questionnaire; Membership Form; Boy Scouts; "Summer Evening Community Celebration a Great Success"; Holiday Lighting Contest
March 2008:  one long sheet folded in the middle and formatted into 4 pages:  Hanama`ulu Beach Park, Blessing and Reopening of HBP, Announcements, Lighting Contest Winners, Kalepa Cemetery Cleanup

The plan is to make issues of the newsletter available for download.


P. O. Box 206 
Hanama`ulu, Kaua`i, Hawai`i 9671

E-mail: hanamaulucommunityassociation@live.com

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