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A Venue for Meeting, Sharing & Visiting

Swap Meet Schedule 2011

Saturday, 8 am - 1 pm
Peter Rayno Sr. Park 

February 26, May 28, August 20, November 19
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Park space limits the Swap Meet to 20 - 20'x20' booths   The Swap Meet is a not-for-profit community service, but expenses for portable toilets, advertising, sound system, etc. make it necessary for the Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association to charge each vendor $20 per booth, a collection that barely covers expenses.

For more information, please contact Eddie Sarita @ 346-0090,
e-mail:  eddiesarita@hotmail.com
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Saturday: February 26, 2011
Neil Rapozo Photos


Dennis & Mercedes Schoeny's ice cream van
SWEET 2 EAT visits Hanama`ulu on Fridays.


Eddie Sarita & the Swap Meet committee utilized
limited space for 20 booths & parking well.

Neil Rapozo, president of HNA ...
Swap Meet photographer, disc jockey & public announcer




A photo op at the close of the Swap Meet

Archival Materials 2010

To provide a venue for Hanama`ulu Town residents to come together regularly as a community, five Swap Meets will be held at Peter Rayno Park in 2010:  March 8, May 8, July 10, September 11, and November 20, from 7 am to 1 pm.   

Vendors must set up their own tents, which are limited to 15' x 15', tables, and chairs.  A $20 deposit is required to ensure that vendors leave their areas clean.

What residents sell at garage sales and homegrown vegetables may be sold at the Swap Meets.

All interested vendors are welcome.  For more information, contact Eddie Sarita at 346-0090.
* * *

As discussed at the May 20 meeting,  the July 10 Swap Meet was cancelled because the laulau fundraiser distribution was held on the same day. 
Cancellation notice was posted on May 20, 2010.

The September 11 Swap Meet was also cancelled.

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