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The Hanama`ulu Community Association encourages current and past residents of Hanama`ulu and representatives of Hanama`ulu businesses, churches,  and schools to join the association and participate in its activities.

Membership Registration Form

Name:  ____________________________________________________________________________________

Street Address:  _____________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:  ____________________________________________________________________________

City:  _____________________________________  State: _____________  Zip:  _________________________

Telephone:  _______________________________________  Cell:  ________________________________


Yes, keep me posted on how I can help with community events:

           Cemetery Clean Up Highway Adoption Project Attend Monthly Meetings

           Graffiti Removal Holiday Residential Decorating Contest Fundraising Efforts

Other:  ____________________________________________________________________________

Mail to:  Hanamā’ulu Community Association, P.O. Box 206, Hanamaulu, HI  96715  HYPERLINK "mailto:hanamauluneighborhoodassociation@yahoo.com" hanamaulucommunityassociation@live.com

Christmas Celebration: Dec. 2, 2007
Florentino "Tono" Duterte visit with other members.

Who Can Join

Please read Article III of the Bylaws.

We invite anybody interested in our projects and goals to join. We need members who can dedicate time to participate and make a difference in the efforts of the Hanama`ulu Community Association.

2013/2014 Officers 

Edward "Eddie" Sarita (241-0090), President

Florentino "Tono" Duterte (346-5047), Vice-Prresident

Laurie Kelekoma (652-1597), Secretary

Cindy Duterte (245-2618), Treasurer

Angelino Pegeder Sr., Sergeant-At-Arms

Dale Matsuura (346-2623), Public Information Officer


How You Can Join

Please read Article III of the Bylaws, which provides that those interested in joining Hanama`ulu Community Association must submit a completed registration form.  

For more information, please e-mail us at hanamauluneighborhoodassociation@yahoo.com.

Membership applications may be mailed to the HCA's mailing address, which is at the bottom the registration form and at the bottom of this Web page, or given to the secretary at association meetings.

Membership Registration Forms

Forms are available at the monthly meetings from the secretary, who would like to keep up-to-date records for contacts and mailings. Members are asked to complete their forms, one for each registered member.  Completed forms may be submitted at the monthly meetings, or mailed to the secretary at the association's address, which is at the bottom of the registration form and at the bottom of the Web page.

The registration form at the top of the page is set for printing.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of the Hanama`ulu Community Association. 

First, HCA is a venue for community service, which is the best way to give back to the community.  Second, you meet persons who are inspired to respond to the needs of this growing community, and you will be glad to be involved in the activities that merit the attention of the members.  Third, fellowship and involvement have benefits that are priceless and beyond measure.

As we fine-tune the HCA Web site, the benefits and responsibilities of membership should become clearer.


P. O. Box 206 
Hanama`ulu, Kaua`i, Hawai`i 9671

E-mail: hanamaulucommunityassociation@live.com

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