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To keep members and others updated on the latest happenings in the Hanama`ulu Community Association, we will post specific meeting announcements, agendas and minutes on this page.

2013 Schedule of Thursday Meetings

Place:  King Kaumuali'i School Cafeteria
Time:  630 PM

June 29, August 15, October 17

December 14:  Christmas Party to be confirmed
* * *


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Sign announcing monthly meetings
Karl Lo Photo | 09.14.09


The Hanama`ulu
Community Association
meets the third Thursday 
of the month
at King Kaumuali`i School Cafeteria
unless announced otherwise
Time:  7 PM

* * * 

The monthly meeting for Thursday, Nov. 14, 2012,
has been rescheduled for Thursday, Nov. 29.
Election of 2013 officers is on the agenda.
Members are encouraged to attend 
to vote for HCA's leaders for next year.
Place:  Kalepa Village Meeting Room
Time:  7 PM
* * * 

* * *
October 11, 2012 Meeting
Kalepa Villiage Conference Room
7 - 9 pm

Special guests at the HCA October 11, 2012, meeting were members of the Kaua'i County Council.  In attendance were Jay Furfaro, council chair; JoAnn Yukimura, vice-chair; Tim Bynum, Dickie Chang, Kipukai Kuali'i, and Nadine Nakamura. Wanda Shibata, Gov. Neil Abercrombie's Kaua'i liaison, was also in attendance.  Twenty-three association members and two children attended the meeting.

A PowerPoint presentation highlighting the concerns of the Hanama'ulu Community Association was shown after the chili and rice dinner.  The maintenance of Hanama'ulu Beach Park, control and elimination of drug dealing and drug use at the park, stopping graffiti at the park; maintenance of the Kalepa Filipino and Japanese cemeteries; and the building of a community center in Hanama'ulu were among the topics covered in the presentation.



Eddie Sarita, HCA vice-president and the evening's Chile & Rice chef; and Laurie
Kelekoma, HCA treasurer, get the buffet table ready.


Jay Furfaro, fourth from let; and Wanda Shibata, eighth from left, visit with HCA members.


Above, Left to Right:  Laurie Kelekoma, Hidden unidentified member, John Iwamoto, Jay Furfaro, Masako Iwamoto, Neil Rapozo, Elli Ward, Pastor Roy Sasaki, Alfonso Garcia.


Father Mel Ray Uy paints over the bold graffiti on a pillar of the Kapule Highway Bridge over Hanama'ulu River.  Submitted by Florentino "Tono" Duterte, HCA's sergeant at arms, 2011-2012.  Duterte photo.

Hanama'ulu Beach Park Matters:  A Followup

The Sunday, October 28, 2012, issue of The Garden Island, has on page A7, column 1-3, an article by Tom LaVenture with the heading "Hanama'ulu Beach Park dominates Police Commission meeting."  LaVenture's lengthy article states:  "County Council Chair Jay Furfaro addressed the Commission on Loss Prevention and Public Safety Issues for Hanama'ulu Beach Park."  He indirectly quotes Furfaro as saying "this tight-knit community took it upon themselves two years ago to repaint and repair beach pavilion damage and make other improvements." He quotes him directly as saying, "Quickly thereafter it was vandalized and quite badly." ...  "The steps were removed, and the graffiti is all over the new painting."

LaVenture also writes:  "Residents complained of the homeless camping, and of all night drinking and activities that are even keeping the anglers away.  Furfaro produces a draft bill for a no drinking policy from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., and said it would give KPD an ordinance to enforce."

There is more to report on this article, but let's close this followup with a paragraph from LaVenture's article: " 'This is to discourage people from carrying on to all hours, and is similar to what occurred at Nawiliwili,' Furfaro said."

* * *
Hear Ye!  Read Ye!

HCA's September 20 meeting will be
at Kalepa Village Recreation Center
Time:  7 - 9 PM
(Posted September 14, 2012)

* * *
HCA Meeting, February 16, 2012
King Kaumuali'i School Cafeteria

Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. and his cabinet covered present county services and their vision for Kaua'i under the topic Holo Holo 2020.  HCA members in attendance learned among other things about weekend bus service, bus shelters constructed in Kapaa and Hanama'ulu Kalepa Village, and the construction and completion of Paanau Village Phase II.

Several county staffers were in attendance.

Mayor Carvalho, cabinet & staff on HCA's agenda
February 16, 2012

Standing to be introduced are
Kaua'i County staffers.


The good attendance of Hanama'ulu residents,
some of whom work for the county, is shown here.

Dale Matsuura, HCA secretary, Mildred Rapozo, and their assistants served pupu and refreshments over which those in attendance mingled and talked story.

* * * 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

King Kaumuali’i Elementary School Cafeteria

7:00 pm

*Call to Order – Neil Rapozo

*Opening Prayer –

*Minutes – Dale Matsuura

*Treasurer’s Report – Laurie Kelekoma

*Old Business:

1. Holiday Gathering Report – Dely Sasaki

2. Christmas Lighting Contest Report – Cindy Duterte

3. Cemetery Report – Peter Rayno

4. Peter Rayno Park Improvements Report – Peter Rayno & Clifford Lee

5. Adopt-A-Highway Report – Laraine Moriguchi

6. Report on Hanama’ulu Post Office – Eddie Sarita for Johnny Rabasa

7. 501 (c) 3 Filing Status – Eddie Sarita

*New Business:

1. Dept. of Public Works-Solid Waste Division - Landfill Community Meeting– Tuesday May 22

2. Meeting with Mayor – Eddie Sarita


*Closing Prayer – 



President: Neil Rapozo @ 651-0103; Vice-President: Eddie Sarita @ 346-0090;

Secretary: Dale Matsuura @ 346-2623; Treasurer: Laurie Kelekoma @ 652-1597; 

Sgt.-at-Arms: Tono Duterte @ 346-5047


Hanama’ulu Community Association

P.O. Box 206

Hanama’ulu, Kaua’i, HI.  96715


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Send us an email


Hanama’ulu Community Association

April 19, 2012 meeting 


but officers meet with lawyer 

to work on HCA's 

application for tax-exempt, 

non-profit  501 c (3) status.

Watch for progress and plans.

* * *

Meeting for September 15, 2011



Thursday, September 22



7:00 PM

See you there!

* * *

Friendly reminder 
to attend the monthly 
Hanama'ulu Community Association 
Hanama'ulu Neighborhood Association) 
meeting coming up this week 
Thursday, August 18, 2011, 
at the King Kaumuali'i School Cafeteria 
starting at 7:00 P.M.  

On the agenda is
the Hanama`ulu Post Office,
which is on the 
U. S. Postal Service's list
of post offices scheduled
for closing.
The agenda includes 
a guest speaker.  
Hope to see you all there.
* * *


Neil Rapozo @ 651-0103 

Eddie Sarita @ 346-0090 

Dale Matsuura @ 346-2623 

 Laurie Kelekoma @ 652-1597 

Tono Duterte @ 346-5047

Hanama’ulu Community Association

P.O. Box 206

Hanama’ulu, Kaua’i, HI.  96715

King Kaumuali`i School
Karl Lo Photo


Thursday, April 21, 2011

King Kaumuali’i Elementary School Cafeteria

7:00 pm

Call to Order

Opening Prayer 

Minutes of November 18, 2010 and March 17, 2011 meetings

Secretary’s Report – Dale Matsuura

Treasurer’s Report – Laurie Kelekoma

Old Business:

Adopt-A-Highway Clean up Schedule – Laraine Moriguchi

Hanama’ulu Beach Park Clean-up – Photo and report—Eddie Sarita/Karl & Catherine Lo Photos/Neil Rapozo Photos

County of Kauai Parks & Recreation Dept. - Public Meeting on County Park Master Plan update on website – Dale Matsuura

Traffic calming measures—Eddie Sarita

New Business:

 Upcoming Re-dedication of Hanama’ulu Peter Rayno Park – Eddie Sarita

Abandoned Cars in neighborhood – Neil Rapozo

Water Sprinkler system – Neil Rapozo

Proposed Revisions to By-Laws – Dale Matsuura


Closing Prayer & Adjournment


Neil Rapozo @ 651-0103 * Eddie Sarita @ 346-0090 * Dale Matsuura @ 346-2623 * Laurie Kelekoma @ 652-1597 * Tono Duterte @ 346-5047

Hanama’ulu Neighborhood Association

P.O. Box 206

Hanama’ulu, Kaua’i, HI.  96715





Thursday, March 17, 2011

King Kaumuali’i Elementary School Cafeteria

7:00 pm

Call to Order

Opening Prayer 

Minutes of November 18, 2010 and February 17, 2011 meetings

Secretary’s Report – Dale Matsuura

Treasurer’s Report – Laurie Kelekoma

Old Business:

Adopt-A-Highway Clean up Schedule – Laraine Moriguchi

Kuhio Highway “Ditch” Report – Eddie Sarita

Hanama’ulu Beach Park Clean-up and Re-dedication – Eddie Sarita

Swap Meet Report – Eddie Sarita

Cemetery Report – Peter Rayno

County of Kauai Parks & Recreation Dept. - Public Meeting on County Park Master Plan – Dale Matsuura

New Business:

Speeding concern in Hanama’ulu – Eddie Sarita

Christmas Light contest preparation – Neil Rapozo

Closing Prayer 



Thursday, March 17, 2011

King Kaumuali’i Elementary School Cafeteria

7:00 pm

Attendance:  Eddie Sarita,, William Neil & Mildred Rapozo, Florentino Duterte, Juanito Gonzales, Jr., George Freitas, Alfonso Garcia, Pastor Roy “Rocky” Sasaki, Pastor Larry Matsuwaki, Elli Ward, Cindy Duterte and Dale Matsuura.

Call to Order:  Meeting called to order by President Neil Rapozo at 7:05 pm.

Opening Prayer:  by Pastor Roy “Rocky” Sasaki.

Minutes of November 18, 2010 meeting:  None available at this time.  Minutes of February 17, 2011 motioned by George Freitas and seconded by Elli Ward-approved.

Secretary Report:  by Dale Matsuura.  Informed those in attendance that there is a total of 38 Registered Members for 2011.  Of those 38, 12 was turned in from a mail-out that Eddie Sarita had done earlier.

Treasurer’s Report:  deferred till next meeting.

Old Business:

Adopt-A-Highway February 19, 2011 Clean up Report from Laraine Moriguchi stating she had 8 volunteers:  Laraine Moriguchi, Ben Alayvilla, Tono Duterte, Celia Wood, Eddie Sarita, George Freitas, Mason Moriguchi, & Angel Pegeder.  A total of 10 bags was collected.

Announcement made by President Neil Rapozo on behalf of Laraine Moriguch for the upcoming clean-up.  Members urged to attend Saturday, March 19, 2011.  Meet at 8:00 am in the parking lot of Hanama’ulu Café.

Kuhio Highway Ditch:  Eddie reported area between Hanama’ulu Road and last house along Kuhio Highway fronting Rayno Park and King Kaumuali’i school is in good shape right now.  This project has been ongoing from the initial start by Grove Farm in January of 2009 and has been up-kept by volunteers such as Eddie Sarita, Tono Duterte, and Neil Rapozo.  County has been providing spray and it is likely that the HNA members will soon be safely spraying another round of “weed killer”.

Hanama’ulu Beach Clean-up:  Eddie Sarita has been coordinating the clean-up scheduled for April 14-16, 2011 with the County of Kauai Parks & Recreation.  He anticipates at least 50 volunteers from HNA members, Kalepa Sunrise, East Kauai Lions, Lihue Business Assoc., Kauai Board of Realtors, Hanama’ulu Hillsiders, 2 motor-cycle clubs, drug court, Kaleo Perez and his officers to participate.

Pressure washers, paint and paint supplies are being provided by the County.  A letter has been mailed out to WalMart for their assistance.  Neil Rapozo contacted Mark Sassone from Kauai Beach Hotel for a donation of some sort of dish for lunch for volunteers.  He also spoke to Conrad Diaz to see if Pepsi will donate drinks.

George Freitas mentioned to ask 7-11 to see if they could donate water.

Cindy Duterte will check with Laurie Kelekoma if she needs help.

Swap Meet:  Eddie Sarita informed members that the swap meet was a success.  He had 20 booths rented.  By 10:30 am 50# of malasada was all sold out.  They said that next time they plan to sell 100#.  Eddie plans to promote the next swap meet for June 4, 2011 (not May 28 as initially indicated in our newsletter-County asked to move the date) by newspaper, sandwich boards at intersections, and banners.  It was brought to Eddies attention that if the vendors plan to cook on-site, they need to have a Health Department clearance.

Discussion:  on calling it a “Craft Fair” rather than “Swap Meet”  To some people “Craft Fair” means putting up a large tent and having entertainment and an area for people to actually participate in making some crafts.  Also brought up providing food like hot dogs for visitors to purchase.  Further discussion on “what is the purpose of our association doing a “Craft Fair”?

Cemetery Report:  Tono mentioned need to go weedwack again.

County Parks Master Plan meeting:  Dale Matsuura attended and handed out the same information that was given at the public meeting.  

New Business:

Speeding concern:  Eddie Sarita wrote letters 2 years ago to Chief of Police and Chair of Police Commission.  Recently he spoke to Kaleo Perez and was told the new contact would be Trent Shimabukuro at the police department.  He mentioned that at 5 pm he hears vehicles racing up Kapaia hill going at least 50-60 mph.  He wanted it on record that he is concerned for the safety of all travelling in the area.  The police have since done electronic survey of the area and he was told they will be patrolling the area also.

Christmas Light contest:  Neil Rapozo was given folders from previous lighting contest so he could assign a committee to start the process early.  George Freitas mentioned that we should have a sticker of some sort for businesses to post at their windows so everyone knows that they contribute and support our Neighborhood association.


Kaleo Perez fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy and is in need of donations to help “get him out of jail”.  A donation of $50 from the HNA to support his cause was brought up and voted on.  It was moved by Tono Duterte and seconded by Mildred Rapozo.

Closing Prayer – Pastor Larry Matsuwaki

Adjournment at 8:10 pm.

Submitted by:

Dale Matsuura, Secretary


Thursday, February 17, 2011

King Kaumuali’i Elementary School Cafeteria

7:00 pm

Attendance:  Eddie Sarita, Laurie Kelekoma, William Neil & Mildred Rapozo, Florentino Duterte, Ben & Norma Alayvilla, Vic Villon, Juanito Gonzales, Jr., Catherine & Karl Lo, George Freitas, Angelino Pegeder, Sr., Alfonso Garcia, Pastor Roy “Rocky” Sasaki, Pastor Larry Matsuwaki, Alice Morikawa, Dale Matsuura.

Call to Order:  Meeting called to order by President Neil Rapozo at 7:00 pm.

Opening Prayer:  Pastor Roy “Rocky” Sasaki gave everyone a moment to contemplate what we want for the Hanama’ulu Neighborhood in the year 2011 and then proceeded to give a prayer.

Minutes of November 18, 2010 meeting:  None available at this time.

Treasurer’s Report:  Laurie Kelekoma informed members of the check book and bank balance totaling $3,130.32.  From that total there is $1,060.00 in the Building Fund and $2,070.32 in the General Fund.  All Grants have been expended.

Old Business:

a.  Swap Meet Schedule:  Eddie Sarita informed members that we are holding our 1st Swap Meet for the year on February 26 at the Peter Rayno Park in Hanama’ulu.  Maximum 20 booth spaces available.  For the past year we have not kept the $20 deposit.  This year the HNA will be collecting and holding the $20 fee for each 20’x20’ booth to help cover costs involved with Swap Meet such as: advertising ($87 in newspaper), Professional Sound system, and portable toilets.

He mailed out 14 packets.  Packets include the Space Reservation Form, Park & Craft Fair Rules, Site Map, Advertising Plan, and Advertising information.

A flyer was handed out announcing all of the dates of the HNA Swap Meet for the year 2011.

Question raised:

Who decided on the amount to collect?  It was an executive decision by Officers.


Recommend informing each vendor verbally (in addition to having it on the application form) that the $20 is not refunded this year.

b.  Adopt-A-Highway Clean up Schedule: Report from Laraine Moriguchi stating she had 7 volunteers at the last Clean-up on January 22, 2011:  Laraine Moriguchi, Ben Alayvilla, Tono Duterte, Celia Wood, Eddie Sarita, William  Sarmiento, & Pastor Larry Matsuwaki.

Announcement made by President Neil Rapozo on behalf of Laraine Moriguch for the upcoming clean-up.  Members urged to attend Saturday, February 19, 2011.  Meet at 8:00 am in the parking lot of Hanama’ulu Café.

New Business:

Hanama’ulu Beach Park Clean-up Schedule: Eddie Sarita explained that he is coordinating with Lenny Rapozo and the Department of Parks and Recreation our upcoming Beach Park Clean-up, (similar to the one in 2008), scheduled for Saturday, April 16 from 7:00 am to 11:00 am.  The County plans to close the park April 11-23.  Facility is run down and needs pressure washing, landscape clean-up and new paint.

Eddie contacted Kauai Drug Court and they plan to help with pressure washing on Thursday and Friday before the 16th.  They also volunteered to spruce up and clean the area along the beach and the road.  

The County will provide the pressure washers and paint.

The Motorcycle Club will once again be available to assist.  

The County will also be conducting a press release to recruit volunteers.

Kaleo Perez and his patrol division will provide manpower also. 

Laurie Kelekoma shared her idea to either plant a tree or dedicate a tree to the memory of long time fisherman Pedro “Pork Chop” Duterte who passed on unexpectedly.  He was a good liason between the HNA, the community of fishermen along with the County in keeping the gates down at the stream opened or closed at appropriate hours of the day.  She’d like to work with the County of Kauai, Department of Parks and Recreation on getting a commemorative plaque made.

Question raised:

Will there be food made available for the volunteers that work day?

Suggestion was made to inquire with the hotel to see if they may be able to provide some sort of snack or meal.  Neil Rapozo volunteered to contact someone at the hotel.

Eddie Sarita encourages all the HNA members to attend the County of Kauai Parks & Recreation Dept. - Public Meeting on County Park Master Plan, March 10, 2011 @ Moikeha Bldg Meeting Room 2A &  2B, 6 pm - 8 pm.


This weekend on Saturday, February 19 at 10:00 am the “Hanama’ulu Hillsiders” will be playing in the newly prepared softball field at Peter Rayno Park.

Closing Prayer – Pastor Larry Matsuwaki

Adjournment at 8:00 pm.

Submitted by:

Dale Matsuura, Secretary

Approved and accepted March 17, 2011

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Thursday, October 21, 2010
King Kaumuali`i School Cafeteria


The attendance of 30+ underscored the importance of the election of officers for 2011.  Elected to lead HNA in the coming year are (Lt. to Rt.) Wm. Neil Rapozo, president; Eddie Sarita, vice-president; Dale Matsuura, secretary; Laurie Kelekoma, treasurer; Florentino (Tono) Duterte, sergeant-at-arms.


Offering his blessings and congratulations to the officers is the Reverend Roy K. Sasaki, an organizing member of Hanama`ulu Town Celebration in 2004, and an active member of Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association.  

This article is posted with best wishes to the officers ... who start their terms of office on January 1, 2011 ... for a productive year for the Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association.  (Posted Nov. 13, 2010.  Karl Lo photos)

For the convenience of members and friends, 
The Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association Website
has the  By-Laws of HNA in its entirety
on the By-Laws page.
* * * * * * *


Thursday, September 30, 2010, Kelepa Village Conference Room

Special Presentation  at 7 PM:  Kevin Kodama, senior service hydrologist & hurricane forecaster, National Weather Service, Weather Forecast Office, Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu, made a one-hour PowerPoint presentation.

Eddie visits with Kevin after presentation.
Karl Lo Photo

Mr. Kodama included among other informative and interesting details the what, why, when, and how of tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes; hurricanes that directly hit and devastated Kaua`i in the last 50 years; 40-year tracking history of Central Pacific hurricanes; weather conditions that cause tropical cyclones and the impacts of cyclones in terms of wind conditions, flash flooding, storm surges, and high surfs.

Mr. Kodama underscored that emergency plans should include 7-day personal supplies.

M. Marshall, Elli and Pat talk story.
Karl Lo Photo

Also in attendance at Mr. Kodama’s presentation was Mark Marshall, administrator the Kaua`i Civil Defense Agency, who will be guest speaker of HNA on  October 21 at King Kaumuali`i School Cafeteria.

After the Kodama Presentation

Opening Prayer:  The Rev. Roy Sasaki

Financial Report:  Wm. Neil Rapozao, treasurer

Next Swap Meet:  Saturday, Nov. 13.  More help needed to get vendors (maximum of 20 booths); take care of advertising, portable toilets, sound system, liability forms, setting up, etc.

Nominations Committee Report:  Elli Ward presented the following slate:  President, Peter Rayno; Vice-President, George Frietas & Eddie Sarita; Secretary, Angel Madrid; Treasurer, Gladys Balaraon; Sgt.-At-Arms, Ernie Domingo & Skip Caycayon.

The President called the members’ attention to the requirements set in the HNA By-laws.  George Frietas is not a resident of Hanama`ulu; Angel Madrid, Gladys Balaraon & Skip Caycayon are residents but they have not filed for membership and do not attend meetings.  With that said, the President opened the floor for nominations.  Nominated were:  Wm. Neil Rapozo, President; Dale Matsuura, Secretary; Laurie Kelekoma, Treasurer; Florentino Duterte, Sgt.-At-Arms.  All nominations and motions to close nominations were duly seconded and carried.

Therefore, the following will be on the ballot for elections of HNA officers:  President: Peter Rayno, Wm. Neil Rapozo; Vice-President, Eddie Sarita; Secretary, Dale Matsuura; Treasurer, Laurie Kelekoma; Sgt.-At-Arms, Ernie Doming, Florentino Duterte (2nd term).  

Secret balloting will be held at the October 21 meeting, which will be at King Kaumuali`i School Cafeteria.  The new officers will start their terms on January 1, 2011.

Ma’alo Road /Proposed Landfill Site:  Kauai County Depts. of Public Works/Solid Waste/New Landfill Site will hold an informational meeting on the Ma`alo Road site as new landfill on Monday, Oct. 11, 2010 at 7 PM. Place:  King Kaumuali`i School Cafeteria.  The meeting is a follow-up to the announcement by Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. on Sept. 10 on the county’s selection of the site for the new landfill.

Non-profit/Tax-exempt Status:  Jonathan Chun is working pro bono on HNA’s application for 501 C(3) status,.  Completion of the application may take seven months, after which time HNA can start applying of grants for the desired and envisioned community center.

Angel, Ben, Florentino & Alfonso during the break.
Karl Lo Photo

HNA Attendance:  The 18 in attendance were Ben Alayvilla, Norma Alayvilla, Carmen G. Balico, Florentino Duterte, Pacita M. Ganiron, Alfonso Garcia, Laurie Kelekoma, Catherine Lo, Karl Lo, Pat Macadangdang,, Dale Matsuura, Angel Pageder Sr., Mildred Rapozo, Wm. Neil Rapozo, Eddie Sarita, Roy Sasaki, Charles Spencer & Elli Ward.

Mildred, Carmen, Norma, Pacita (hidden) & Dale.
Catherine Lo Photo

Closing Prayer:  The Rev. Roy Sasaki

Adjournment:  9:25 PM

(Note:  These notes were written by Catherine Lo for the HNA Website and should not be mistaken as minutes of the Sept. 30 meeting.  Posted 10.02.10)

HNA Meeting, Thursday, September 30, 2010


The September meeting of the Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association will be held on Thursday, September 30, 2010, from 7 P.M. – 9 P.M.  Place:  Kalepa Village Conference Room.


Kevin Kodama, Senior Service Hydrologist, NOAA/NSW in Honolulu, will be guest speaker. His presentation will be on Hurricane Preparedness and predictions of possible occurrences of hurricanes in 2011.  Members, their families and friends are encouraged to make every effort to attend.  

(Posted:  Sept. 27, 2010)

September 16, 2010, Meeting

The September meeting of Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association was postponed because the King Kaumuali`i School cafeteria, where the association expected to meet, was the venue for a school-related meeting.  Eddie Sarita, president of HNA, wants to reschedule the meeting to later this month, with the hope that the association can get on the agenda someone to speak on hurricane preparedness.  The hurricane season ends on November 30, and the common hope is that

no hurricane will hit Kaua`i in 1910 or in years to come, but hurricane awareness and preparedness are nonetheless still very much needed and desired.

Another item that HNA may place on its agenda in the near future  is the proposed site near Ma`alo Road as the next Kaua`i landfill.  

Residents of Hanama`ulu may have found themselves saying NOT AGAIN! when they read in the Friday (September 10, 2010) issue of The Garden Island  Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr.'s announcement of a site near Ma`alo Road in Kapaia, a half-mile south of Wailua Falls. Many will remember that in 2002 during Maryanne Kusaka’s administration, a site behind Kalepa Ridge on Grove Farm Co. land was proposed to replace Kekaha Landfill.    “Why Hanama`ulu?” was the question then.  Hanama`ulu Town residents  may be asking the same question, but that may be premature at the moment.  Only after the county government officially presents the proposal can a dialog, say between the  county and Hanama`ulu, on the proposed site begin. Stay tuned.  More to come.  (Posted:  Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2010)

Note:  The Thursday, August 19, meeting was cancelled.  
(Posted 8/9/10)

* * * * *


The May 20, 2010 meeting of the Hanama'ulu Neighborhood Association was called to order by President Eddie Sarita at 7:05 pm at King Kaumuali‘i School Cafeteria.  The meeting was then recessed for  money collection and accounting for the association’s July 10, 2010 laulau fundraiser.  A total of $790.00 was received as follows:

Tono Duterte……………………$200 /20 tickets.

Ben Alayvilla……………………$200 /20 tickets.

George Freitas…………………. $200 /20 tickets.

Alice Morikawa……………….. $100/10 tickets.

Eddie Sarita…………………… $ 90 /9 tickets.

                     TOTAL:            $790/79 tickets.

The meeting was reconvened at 7:19 pm.  The money collection was done early because the Treasurer, Neil Rapozo, was not feeling well and asked to be excused.  

Alice Morikawa offered the Opening Prayer.

Treasurer’s Report:  Neil Rapozo, Treasurer, submitted a written report that included the following information.

Total balance remaining from 2 Weed & Seed grants: $91.76 

Building Fund: $l, 060.00

General Fund:  $2,108.23 

Treasury Balance as of 5/20/10:  $3,259.99

Treasurer’s Report approved as circulated.


May 8, 2010 Swap Meet:  Eddie Sarita reported that 20 vendors participated.

The meet’s hours were 8 am to 1 pm.  Alice Morikawa asked about requirements & cost.  Tono Duterte suggested that participants at future meets be assigned booths early. This was not done for the May 8 swap meet because the layout map was not completed in time. Ben Alayvilla pointed out that pre-setup of the booths could not be done on Friday due to the park being used for softball practice in the early afternoon. 

July 10, 2010 Swap Meet:  Eddie Sarita announced that the July 10 swap meet is canceled because of the laulau fundraiser distribution time being done at the same time.  There would not be enough help to distribute laulau.  Prior vendors will be notified of the cancellation by mail.

July 10, 2010 Laulau Fundraiser:  Members are asked to begin turning in their collected payments now and if they have not yet begun their sales, to start now because HNA needs the funds to pay off Brenda Durant on the July 10 pickup. Approximately $8,000 will be needed by that date.

Cemeteries Report:  Tono Duterte reported that on May 17, 2010, the following worked for two  hours at the Japanese Cemetery:  Tono Duterte. Ernie Domingo,

Ben Alayvilla, Cecilia Wood. and  Peter Rayno.


The Filipino Cemetery did not require any work as it was in good condition.       

 Cleaning of the Japanese Cemetery will make it more presentable for the 

 Bon Season that begins in June.  The gate lock is not working again, perhaps due to Grove  Farm Co. again changing the code.  Tono will return the keys to Laurie Kelekoma for readjusting.


Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup:  Laraine Moriguchi submitted her written report on the April 18, 2010  cleanup.  Twelve turned out to participate in the monthly cleanup  from Wilcox Hospital to the Robert’s Tours baseyard at the intersection of Kuhio & Kapule Highways, north of Hanama'ulu Town, a distance of about 2 miles.  She would like to thank the following for their participation:  Ben Alayvilla, Clayton Cataluna, Tono Duterte, Roy Goo, Pauline Ibia, Herbert Kakutani, Catherine Mata, Laraine Moriguchi, Larry Matsuwaki, Eddie Sarita, and Vic Villon

The next cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, May 22, 2010.  Meet at Hanama'ulu Café parking lot at 8 am.  Monthly cleanups are scheduled for the Saturday following the association’s monthly meeting.

Firebreaks:  Tono Duterte suggested that the DR Horton/Schuler Homes company that owns the old canefield next to and north of the school and residences be notified about the potential of fire due to the dry grass and the approaching dry season.  The old firebreak is no longer there because the grass has again covered it over.  Eddie Sarita will do the notification.

Hurricane Insurance & Fire Insurance:  Tono Duterte asked whether or not the association could have an insurance industry representative to speak to the members about the rising home insurance costs and the high cost of hurricane insurance.  George Freitas volunteered to call State Farm Insurance to ask if someone could come.  Eddie Sarita will also ask State Representative Tokioka to attend the June 17 meeting to discuss the status of the Hurricane Fund.

There being no further business, Alice Morikawa offered the Closing Prayer.  The meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Submitted by Eddie Sarita, Secretary Pro Tem

January 21, 2010:  Agenda

Date:  Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time:  6 PM – 7 PM:  Potluck Dinner

            7 PM – 9 PM:  Meeting

Place:  Sarita Residence --  5088 Paka Dr., Hanamā'ulu.


Special guest will be Jan Tenbrugengate, former Honololu Advertiser correspondent, who is now a consultant for the landowner of the 400+ acres of land makai of Kapule Highway below the Robert’s Tours baseyard in Hanamā'ulu.  He is aware of HNA's interest in land for Hanama`ulu's planned community center and wants to meet the movers & shakers of the Hanamā'ulu community to explore opportunities for mutual collaboration.

Other agenda items:

1.   Scheduled 2010 Swap Meets

2.   Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup report by Laraine Moriguchi 

      and scheduled 2010 cleanup dates

3.     Hanamā'ulu cemeteries cleanups & landscaping project

4.     Community service project:   Repair of chainlink fence along         the ditch between the highway & King K School

5.     Proposed laulau fundraiser – July or August

6.     Team sponsorship request by Peter Rayno

7.     Hanamā'ulu Beach Cleanup

8.     Proposed water rate increases by Dept. of Water

9.     2010 Christmas Lighting Contest

10.  2010 Annual Holiday Dinner

The agenda encompasses the entire year so HNA can consider an action plan for 2010.  Participation and input at this meeting are important. 

Please help in calling those who do not have email and advise them of the meeting.

1.       Peter Rayno

2.       Tono Duterte

3.       Ben Alayvilla

4.       Al Garcia

5.       Alice Morikawa

6.       David & Elli Ward

7.       The winners of the Christmas Lights Contest

Please bring a small dish of your favorite food.


(Source:  Eddie Sarita's e-mail of January 15, 2010) 

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Archival Minutes

September 17, 2009: Minutes (Verbatim &  Excerpts)

Eddie Sarita, president; Vic Villon, vice-president; W. Neil Rapozo, treasurer; Florentino "Tono" Duterte, sgt.-at-arms, Pastor Roy "Rocky" Sasaki; Pastor Larry Matsuwaki, Alfonso Garcia, George Freitas, Peter Rayno, Asako Iwamoto, John Iwamoto, Pauline Ibia, Dale Matsuura.

Opening Prayer:  Pastor Sasaki

Minutes of August 27, 2009:  Motion by G. Freitas, second by N. Rapozo.  Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report:
Checkbook balance as of Sept. 16, 2009,  $6,243.63: Weed and Seed Grant balance, $2,241.78; Building Fund, $1,020.00; General Fund,  $2, 981.48.

Old Business:
1.  Laulau Fundraiser:  Profit, $1,030.00
Total sales, $5,030.00; Payment to Brenda Durant, $4,000.00

Fundraiser Special Kudos:  P. IBIA, arrangements with Brenda Durant; L. KELEKOMA, printing of tickets, ticket distribution, approval from Big Save for use of parking area and the Dept. of Parks & Recreation for use of Peter Rayno Park bus shelter as laulau pick-up stations; V. VILLON, P. IBIA, J. & A. IWAMOTO, & E. SARITA for staffing pick-up locations on August 15.

2.  Adopt-A-Highway Clean-up volunteers, August 27, 2009: PASTOR MATSUWAKI & MEMBERS OF THY WORD MINISTRIES,  Hanama`ulu Road and Hehi Road; G. & ELIZABETH FREITAS, Kuhio Hwy. from Roberts Tours to Hanama`ulu Cafe; BEN ALAYVILLA, E. SARITA & D. MATSUURA, Kuhio Hwy., from Laukona St. to Immaculate Conception Church; LARAINE & MIA MORIGUCHI, Kuhio Hwy., from Immaculate Conception Church to Wilcox Hospital; F. DUTERTE, shuttling of volunteers.

The volunteers picked up about 12 bags of rubbish during the one-hour project, which began at 8 am.  Next clean-up:  Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 8 am.

3.  Christmas Lights Contest:  President Sarita suggested that the association resume sponsorship of a Christmas lights contest this Christmas season.   With a motion by P. Ibia and a second by G. Freitas, the members voted to approve.  Pauline will be the chairperson for the contest.  Small prizes, such as is done by the Kekaha Communtiy Association, rather than large cash prizes will be awarded this year.

4.  Holiday Gathering in December:  With a motion by G. Freitas and a second by D. Matsuura, the members approved to have the observance at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall on Friday, December 11, 2009.

5.  Monthly Free Bingo Game at Hanama`ulu Beach Pavilion:  Continuance of the games is deferred until further notice.

6.  Clean-up of Japanese Cemetery:  See Kalepa Cemetery page  of Website.

New Business:
Community Swap Meet/Health Fair:  President Sarita  proposed that the association sponsor the event at Peter Rayno Park on Saturday, November 21, 2009.  Funds from the Weed & Seed account can be used.  Grove Farm will be sponsoring the Puhi Swap Meet, and Marissa Sandblom of Grove Farm told Sarita that she would be willing to provide information on how the Puhi Swap Meet is conducted.  Theresa Koki of the County's Anti-Drug Agency is also willing to advise based on the health fair on Friday, September 25, at the Lihue Civic Center.  Sarita and Ibia will be co-chairs of the Hanama`ulu event.

Adjournment:  Closing prayer by Pastor Matsuwaki.  Motion to adjourn by Pastor Matsuwaki; second by V.Villon.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

(Minutes by Eddie Sarita, Secretary pro-tem)

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More Archival Minutes 

May 17, 2007

June 21, 2007

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