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The building of a community center is high on Hanama`ulu Community Association's priority list.

As the documents below show, the Hanama`ulu Community Center Committe, under the able chairmanship of Dale Matsuura, has been busy. The committee has accomplished much, but a great deal of work remains to be done.

Community Center Committee

Dale Matsuura, chair; Eugenio De Los Reyes, Florentino (Tono) Duterte, Alfonso Garcia, Henry (Hank) Ibia, Pauline Ibia, Alice Morikawa, Mildred Rapozo, Neil Rapozo, Cathy Simao, Blu Ulanday, Rena Ulanday.

Community Center Committee
At Work

"Community Center Planned"

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Survey On The
Community Center

Community Center Questionnaire

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We are excited to announce that after over a year of its conception, our Hanama`ulu community is better equipped to answer questions about a much needed “Community Center”.  We now have a Community Center Committee which is comprised of members from our Hanama`ulu hometown.

In an article written by Lester Chang on July 1, 2006 in The Garden Island Newspaper we had front page coverage about a discussion for a “Community center for Hanama`ulu”.  Thanks to Eddie Sarita, a longtime community leader, the County Council has adopted a Resolution dated back on July 12, 2006 requesting that the administration negotiate and plan for a Community Center in Hanama`ulu.  “We are growing, Hanama`ulu town is going to be developed” were statements made by Mr. Sarita.  The center is needed because there is “nothing in Hanama`ulu for people to come to.”  When Hanama`ulu residents, including senior citizens want to hold events or participate in county programs, we have to go to other parts of the island.

Neighbors and friends within our Hanama`ulu town agree that our community has growing needs and therefore it is critical that there be a community/recreational center near our existing urban neighborhood.  We recognize that our needs are changing.  We now have the opportunity to plan and design a “state-of-the-art” technological facility for both young and old alike.  We look forward to our vision of having our very own recreational building(s) that could possibly include:

Meeting facilities

Covered Basketball/indoor sport gymnasium type building which would include martial arts and aerobics

Activity rooms or Ballrooms for conferences, banquets, dances, etc.

Kitchen facilities-certified by Board of Health

Computer room(s)

Evacuation Center

Lap pool.

Appropriate office space.

Committee members wish to express that this is just the beginning of a process that may take years to complete.  One main concern is the location of our Community Center.  Presently development by D. R. Horton-Schuler Homes is planned for new dwellings/multi-housing units in the area north of Hanama’ulu that is known as the “Hanama`ulu Triangle” right across from Robert’s Bus Service.  Part of the proposal for the development includes discussions about giving six acres back to the community.  Of the (6) six acres, (3) three would be used as a “park-expansion” for King Kaumuali’i.  As of this writing, it is unclear whether the remaining (1) one acre be used for a community center and the last (2) two for a small business or switched around with one acre as the business and two for the community center.

The Community Center Committee has agreed that if only one acre is allocated for our center, we will try and negotiate with other adjoining landowners for property nearby that may be developed and utilized for our Hanama`ulu Community Center.  With the help of key people from our community, and proper funding, our Committee is confident that we will see our plans and dreams become reality!

Should you want to become a part of our Community Center Committee, please contact Mrs. Dale Matsuura @ 346-2623.

Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association

P.O. Box 206 

Hanamaulu, HI  96715

Attention: Community Center Committee Chair


Please take some time to fill out this survey and share your thoughts about what is important to you and your family or business in regards to our planned Hanama`ulu Community Center:  Circle and fill in as appropriate.  Thank you for your time.

What would be your use(s) of our Community Center?

Sports (go to item #2)

Meetings (go to item #3)

Parties (go to item #4)

Training (go to item #5)


Please explain your sports activity.  If you coach, are on a team, just for fun, etc. 

Please explain your group or organization needs.  How often, what days and times and approximate amount of members. 

Please explain your parties, whether for family, school, organization…

Please explain your training needs. (Music, Hula, Martial Arts)

Thoughts & Suggestions 

Respond by August 30, 2007 & Mail to :  

Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association

P.O. Box 206 

Hanamaulu, HI  96715

Attention: Community Center Committee Chair


P. O. Box 206 
Hanama`ulu, Kaua`i, Hawai`i 9671

E-mail: hanamaulucommunityassociation@live.com

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