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Embracing the Future . . .



HANAMA`ULU SCHOOL closed in June 1963, and when the new school opened in September 1990 with 280 K-2 children from Hanama`ulu, Wailua, and Lihue, the students entered the portals of King Kaumuali`i Elementary School.

NOSTALGIC HANAMA`ULU RESIDENTS wanted the name of the old school retained, but Kauai's beloved king won the debate. It was time to call attention to King Kaumuali`i` (1779-1824), Wailua's favorite and legendary son. He was one of the first of the Hawaiian rulers to embrace and to promote Christianity, and one of the first of the nobility to learn to read and write English.

When the theme of the celebration:  "Remembering the Past ... Celebrating the Present ... Embracing the Future ... " first appeared on the written page, "embracing the future" brought to mind the children ... the students at King Kaumuali`i School ... the future of Hanama`ulu Town ... the future of Kaua`i.  And so this page of the website focuses on "King K" -- as the school is fondly called.

King K's School Song ("He Mele No Kaumuali`i") is written in Hawaiian. Lifted and copied below are English translation of some lines that reflect the sentiments on this page.

Kaumuali`i, Kaumuali`i
Famous are his children
Oh, flowers/progeny of Kaumuali`i
Adorn the field/school
Work together with love
The flowers will always live on.

King K Elementary School opened in Sept. 1990
Margaret (Maggie) Cox, Principal

Entrance to classrooms, library, and computer room
Enrollment 2004-2005: 560, K-5; 25 teachers

June 1, 2005
Karen Liu, Principal; Michelle Valenciano, Librarian

The Drug-free Zone sign at King K.
Weather-beaten and the message is clear.

AS WE REMEMBER THE PAST and celebrate the present, we underscore the future, which is embodied in our children -- the "flowers of Kaumuali`i," ... the flowers of Kauai's king. And we want to articulate the hope for a peaceful world for our children today and tomorrow. King K's "4-BEs" poster, which the children are made aware of at strategic locations around campus, reflects values that help pave the way for a peaceful world.

And we articulate the hope for a drug-free environment for our children.

THE RESIDENTS OF HANAMA`ULU must be of one mind and one heart to achieve a drug-free and peaceful hometown. The residents of Hanama`ulu can then embrace the future with a common hope and with grateful hearts and come together often to celebrate the town's achievements.

Grade 3 | June 1, 2005
Returning to class after recess

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Photos : Karl Lo

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Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

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