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Looking back ...

2005 Hanama`ulu Town Celebration


*10 AM Parade
*Evening Gathering
(Unannounced Chicken Hekka Dinner:
A surprise to the 750-Plus who were
at the Park for the Evening Gathering)

JULY 16 & 17

*Lively Entertainment
*Cultural & Historical
*Ethnic Foods
*Arts & Crafts
* Public Service Booths
*Games for Children
*Fun n K'wazy Rides for Children
*Talk Story


July 16 and 17, 2005, beautifully folded into history as days of sunshine and days of joyous reunion and celebration. Those who were at the celebration will remember the two days of festivities with praise and thanksgiving, and the celebration of Hanama`ulu Town will continue in the same spirit ... in the spirit of fellowship and gratitude.

Indeed, the celebration brought together families and friends who experienced plantation life at Hanama`ulu. The celebration enabled the town to pay tribute to long-time residents who are at least 80-years-old. The celebration was a venue for families and friends to relive by-gone plantation days. And the celebration was an opportunity to bring together the residents of Hanama`ulu to remember the past, to celebrate the present, and to look forward to the future.

Everyday should be a day of celebration!

The Hanama`ulu Town Celebration Committee has been meeting the first Thursday of the month since April 2004 at Kalepa Village Meeting Hall. Time: 6 PM. The committee met on Thursday, August 4, 2005, to evaluate the celebration and to enjoy the evening with a potluck. The meeting, which was interrupted by applause countless times, adjourned at 10 PM!

THE BIG QUESTION is: WILL THERE BE A CELEBRATION IN 2006? The committee met again on October 6, 2005, to continue the dialogue on the big question.

For the latest update, contact Eddie Sarita, chairman, Hanama`ulu Town Celebration Committee, at (808) 245-5359.


Appreciative residents of Hanama`ulu! Former residents who came to the celebration from the Mainland, Korea, Philippines, Oahu and from all shores of Kauai! Good friends of Hanama`ulu! Those who supported the Hanama`ulu Town Celebration simply because Aloha Spirit motivated them into action! All lined Hanama`ulu Town main street to watch the parade on Saturday, and they created a joyous atmosphere at Peter Rayno Sr. Park on Saturday and Sunday, July 16 and 17, 2005, as they enjoyed the festivities at the park.

The attendance on Saturday, estimated at 1,500 to 1,600 was beyond all expectations. And the attendance on Sunday was just as good, with the majority returning for more visiting and entertainment. The Hanama`ulu Town Celebration Committee acknowledges and thanks these good people for their presence at the first-ever Hanama`ulu Town Celebration. And the commitee appreciates their kind comments, which are posted on the Guestbook page.

The Hanama`ulu Town Celebration Committee appreciates beyond words the support of families and friends, and of individuals and businesses in the community. Alas, we cannot list everyone individually. But we know who your are, and you know who you are. Please know we are grateful. MAHALO NUI LOA!

MAHALO NUI LOA to all individuals and groups who participated in the parade and in the programs, including the Masters of Ceremonies whose sense of timing and rapport with the audience gave coherence to the programs.

SINCERE APOLOGIES to those we neglected in some way. To old-timers who were not nominated to be grand marshals, to parade and program participants we neglected to present leis to, and to those we failed to thank personally for helping at the celebration, we ask for your understanding and forgiveness.

An impromptu photo-op. July 17, 2005
Photo : Ellie Ibia (San Jose, CA) with Karl Lo's camera.


Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning



Eight binders of clippings from "The Lihue Plantation News" titled THE HANAMA`ULU EXPERIENCE transported attendees to the past.

The clippings were in seven categories: Community, Education, Family (two binders), Housing, Plantation, Sports, and Miscellaneous.



The historical display contained 53 pieces. Detailed in the 33"x27" frame on the left side of the photograph is a chronology of 226 years of Hanama`ulu's history.


The historical display received much attention. Appreciative viewers waited for their turn to look at the display.


Photos : Karl Lo
(unless noted otherwise)

Trumpet Playing 1

"Hanama`ulu Talk Story," a documentary by Kaua`i Historical Society on the Hanama`ulu Town Celebration, was aired over Ho'ike Kaua`i Community Television on Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 24 & 25, and on Wednesday & Thursday, Sept. 28 & 29.

Produced by Judith Thomson of Jet Star Productions, the documentary is 58:12-minute long. It includes the end of the parade, including a couple of the Grand Marshal convertibles as they approached Peter Rayno Park, the program at the Saturday Evening Gathering and talk story by William Neil Rapozo, Adele Goias Badoyen, Carol Macadangdang Trokey, and Catherine Pascual Lo. Also included are photos and clippings from the historical display, and photos of the Whiz Kids of Hanama`ulu from the souvenir booklet.


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