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All-Day Celebration at Hanama`ulu ...

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2006 Hanama`ulu Town Celebration

WHEN: Saturday, July 15, 2006 | 9AM - 10PM

WHERE: Peter Rayno Sr. Park

WHO: Eddie Sarita, Chairman; Neil Rapozo, Treasurer

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* All-Day Entertainment

* Flowers & Plant Booth

* Food Booths

* Public Service Booths

* Display of Classic Cars

* Historical Booth

Trumpet Playing 1

Gov. Linda Lingle connects with the audience.
Eddie Sarita, Celebration Chairman, listens.

Governor's Proclamation 2006

Gov. Linda Lingle made Hanama`ulu Town feel special with her attendance at the second Hanama`ulu Town Celebration on Saturday, July 15, 2006. The celebration was an event separate from the Hawaii-Filipino Centennial Celebration, but in her message to an audience that included Sakadas (Filipino contract laborers) and their families, Gov. Lingle made special mention of the contributions of the Filipinos of Hawaii and Hanama`ulu. She said, "More than the collection of buildings, the real story is the people who made life better for the next generation."


The flow of attendees under and around the big tent was steady from morning to night. An estimated 1,000 attended the celebration.

Invited to the celebration as special guests, recognized with leis, and seated at reserved front row seats, were the Grand Marshals at the first-ever parade at Hanama`ulu on July 16, 2005. The first day of the first Hanama`ulu Town Celebration on July 16 & 17, 2005, started with a parade through main street, and serving as Grand Marshals were 19 elders of Hanama`ulu. The youngest was 82-years-old, and the most senior was 97.

In attendance at the celebration at Peter Rayno Sr. Park were 16 of the Grand Marshals, some of whom are Sakadas: Francisco & Helen Agader, Henry & Alice Arruda, Greg & Gayle Bakiano, Dora Cataluna, Ramona Cruzada, Venancio & Rosenda Madrid, Fujiko Mamura, Maxine Pascual, Luis & Felicidad Quel, Isabella Madrid Ramelb, and Salome Sarita. 

Unable to attend were Consorcia Estenzo, Harry Miyake, and Kimiko Sugibayashi. 

Also invited as special guests were 1946 sakadas and their spouses. In attendance were Mr. & Mrs. Irineo Asuncion, Mrs. & Mrs. Marcelo Pedronan, and Mr. & Mrs. Luciano Yadao. The Madrids and The Quels, who were Grand Marshals, are also 1946 sakadas. 

The most senior Grand Marshal Sakada is 98-years-old Francisco Agader, who came to Hawaii in 1931.


Eddie Sarita greets special guests

At the 2006 Hanama`ulu Town Celebration
A Booth Of Beauty!

Hanama`ulu Town Celebration @ Peter Rayno Sr. Park
The way it was at 7 PM on July 15, 2006


Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

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