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The Land

View of Hanama`ulu from Kalepa Heights
Photo : Karl Lo | August 4, 2004

HANAMA`ULU, which literally means "tired bay" -- as in tired from walking -- is one of the seven ancient land divisions on Kaua`i called ahupua`a, usually extending from the mountain to the sea. The others are Kipu, Haiku, Niumalu, Nawiliwili, Kalapaki, and Wailua.

THE UPPER BOUNDARY of Hanama`ulu as an ahupua`a is Kilohana Crater, whose summit rises to1143 feet, and its lowest boundary is Hanama`ulu Bay.

IT HAS COME TO THE ATTENTION of the Hanama`ulu Town Celebration Committee that Hanama`ulu was originally named "Ho`opili" -- meaning "gathering place" -- but this writer has not found a written source. Also, a son of Hanama`ulu, who grew up near Hanama`ulu Beach and who now lives on Oahu, shared in an e-mail that the bay was called "Ho`opili." Pukui and Elbert's "Hawaiian Dictionary" says "ho'opili" means "to cling." It's credible that the bay was called Ho`opili, and calling the bay "Gathering Place" fits. The website welcomes information on any written source.

IN THE SUMMER OF 1962, film director John Ford chose Hanama`ulu Beach as the setting of "Donovan's Reef," starring John Wayne, but ten years later the beach was closed and swimming was prohibited by law because of pollution. However, after two years of struggling with the pollution problem and getting rid of the wastes, the County of Kaua`i lifted the swimming ban. In June 1974, beachgoers and picnickers reclaimed Hanama`ulu Beach and today they continue to enjoy the bay's calm surf and to appreciate the tall ironwood and palm trees that give the bay its inviting atmosphere. Hanama`ulu Beach is a favorite camping site for locals and visitors alike.

HANAMA`ULU'S MOST PROMINENT LANDMARK is Kalepa, whose ridge peaks to 710 feet. A large heiau, Kalauokamanu -- a temple where human beings were sacrificed -- once marked Kalepa's base, but it was destroyed in 1855. Today, Hanama`ulu Plaza and Kalepa Village -- a Kaua`i County housing development -- occupy the base of Kalepa.

View of Kalepa Heights from King K's parking lot.
Photo : Karl Lo | July 6, 2004

Hanama`ulu Beach
Photo : Karl Lo | August 3, 2004

Aerial view of Hanama`ulu Bay
Photo : William Neil Rapozo | April 24, 2005

Hanama`ulu Bay | August 2004
Photo : Karl Lo

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