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At the Historical Booth
Charlene Sarita registers visitors

The Historical Booth, which occupied the back of the big tent, was ready for visitors at 9 AM. Catherine Lo and her committee -- Karl Lo, Karen Pescador, and Charlene Sarita -- staffed the booth until 7 PM, when they dismantled the exhibit during the Free Bingo & Door Prizes portion of the celebration. With ears and eyes focused on bingo, it was time to pack the 33 pieces of the exhibit, majority of which were in 8.5x11 oak frames. Three of the 33 frames were large, very large, and extra large!

At the Historical Booth
Photo op with the Governor of Hawaii

Having a photo op with Governor Linda Lingle are: Front Row: Patrick (Pat) Ramelb, Catherine Lo, and Karen Pescador. Back Row: Bienvenido (Benny) Bergonia,and Charlene Sarita.

The eight binders of clippings from "The Lihue Plantation News" occupied two tables at the Historical Booth. Also on the tables were folders of printouts of the Hanama`ulu Town Celebration Web site.

On the right Councilwoman JoAnn Yukimura and a friend discuss a shared concern.

The Historical Booth: A Gathering Place
The displays and other interests brought residents and visitors together.

Kasibulan Filipino Dance Co.
Steve Domingo & Partner

That's a squash hat Steve Domingo is sporting with his pineapple fiber dress shirt.

Sally Rasay, a first generation Filipino, and her great-granddaughter Kiana, came early to Peter Rayno Sr. Park to celebrate their hometown.

Patrick Caycayon's paintings and musical instruments received much attention. To the left of the triptych is a banjo.

At the Historical Booth
In front of Patrick Caycayon's triptych

Following the Call to Gather with a shofar and the Invocation by Pastor Lawrence Matsuwaki, the Kauai Filipino Centennial Chorale, under the direction of the Helen Sina, started the 2006 Hanama`ulu Town Celebration on a high note with the renditions of the "National Anthem," "Hawaii Ponoi," and the "Philippine National Anthem."

Kauai Hawaii-Filipino Centennial Chorale

Kasibulan Filipino Dance Company
Allan Villaflor and his dancers present 50 minutes of entertainment.

Oliver Navalta serenades a captive audience.

Kasibulan Filipino Dance Company
Veteran dancers perform the "Maria Clara Suite."

The Historical Booth was a gathering place.
Renewing friendship are Priscilla Pasion Delgado (2nd left) and Karen Pescador Agader (2nd right).

Posted Oct. 3, 2006


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