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Christmas Celebration 2007

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Christmas Celebration 2007

Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall
Sunday, December 2, 2007
11 AM - 4 PM

Under the leadership of Eddie Sarita and his hardworking and able committees, the Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association held its 2007 Christmas celebration on Sunday, December 2, from 11 AM to 4 PM at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall. Some 40 members and their families and friends, including a dozen or so children, attended the event.

Florentino "Tono" Duterte & friends visit over pupu.

Musical Chair Contest! The young and the
young-at-heart enjoy fun, fellowship & some exercise!

Ringing Bells

Musical Chair Contest! Elli Ward is eliminated!
Basilisa Asuncion & Flo Abrams claim the last chair!

Three buffet tables were laden with a variety of potluck 
ethnic dishes, with the association's chefs preparing 
chicken hekka. 

Appetizers included among other dishes poke and 
wonton. Attendees also enjoyed edamame 
and lumpia. 

Hawaii's staples, rice and potao macaroni salad 
were, of course, on the buffet table. 

Entrees included, but not limited to, kalua, 
kalua with cabbage, spicy chicken wings and 
mini drumsticks, and noodles dishes. Also pork 
and beans with sausage and bacon and 
roscaldo: Filipino rice soup with chicken and 
coconut milk cooked over low fire.

Dessert included fruit salad, manju, cascaron, baklava, pies, and cakes.

And the food committee made sure there was plenty of coffee, tea, and chocolate.

Santa (aka Blu Ulanday) waits for the children to visit with him.

Pauline Ibia & Wanda Labuguen, committee members
A moment's respite from work & responsibilities!

Eddie & Charlene Sarita win the double skateboarding contest!

Ringing Bells

Free bingo with quality prizes made for a very enjoyable event. The Christmas Celebration Committee asked all attendees, adults and children, who wanted to participate in the exchange of gifts to bring a gift, and that segment of the celebration was also enjoyable.

Eddie Sarita, Neil and Mildred Rapozo, Dale Matsuura, Pauline Ibia, Michelle Shofner, Wanda Labuguen, and many other Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association members ensured an enjoyable Christmas party with their hard work, but we must make special mention of Rena and Blu Ulanday for going the extra mile.

Those in attendance went home with joy and gratitude, happy to have participated in the HNA's Christmas Celebration.

Hanama`ulu Town Lights Up
For Christmas!

BORROWING A PAGE from the 60s when Hanama`ulu residents decorated their yards with lights during the Christmas Season and received prizes for their efforts from Lihue businesses, the Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association sponsored a 2007 Holiday Lighting Contest. Chairing the committee were Blu & Rena Ulanday and Pauline Ibia.

A secret panel of judges awarded FIRST PLACE for the Best Theme to Mr. & Mrs. Bori Cubangbang, and the Best Use of Lights to Michael Koerte. The winner for each category received $100 Wal-Mart Gift Card.

Maxine Rasay was awarded SECOND PLACE for Best Theme, and Christine Medina for Best Use of Lights. The winners received $75 Longs Drugs Gift Cards.

Winning the THIRD PLACE award for Best Theme was Leonard Villanueva, and Willie Nuivo won the prize for the Best Use of Lights. Both received $50 Wal-Mart Gift Cards.

1st Prize: Best Use of Lights. Photo: Karl Lo
Winners: Michael & JoAnne Koerte

2nd Prize: Best Theme. Photo: Karl Lo
Winners: Maxine & Florence Rasay

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!


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