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HANAMA`ULU COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION became the official name of the Hanama`ulu Neighborhood Association on June 16, 2011. This express site is a way of calling the attention of viewers that the website for the association, which was created in 2007, can be accessed on the Internet under both names.

Our Mission

The mission statement and the Bylaws of Hanama`ulu Community Association are on specific pages in the Website: http://www.htcelebration.org/hanamauluneighborhoodassociation.


Becoming a Member

The Hanama`ulu Community Association encourages current and past residents of Hanama`ulu and representatives of Hanama`ulu businesses, churches, and schools to join the association and participate in the association's activities.  A membership Registration Form may be printed off the Membership page of the website.   


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Organization News

Hanama`ulu Community Association hopes to get its non-profit
501 (c) 3 status soon.

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Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 206
Hanama`ulu, HI 96715

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